Clear Coat Protects Against Fiberglass Losing Its Luster

Color and gloss protection shouldn’t come as an extra option. Splashtacular is the only company in North America (and perhaps the world) that automatically includes the clear coating process with every project, and have done so for four years with a zero fail rate.

Without an automotive-grade clear coat, like KEEP IT SHINY, waterpark rides have a couple of years before they lose their lustrous appearance. Fading is inevitable since fiberglass is porous and mixed with largely ineffective UV inhibitors that are prone to failure and inadequate for the harsh environment of waterparks. The more pigmented and vivid the attraction’s color, especially red, blue and purple, the worse the fading.

Our clear coat, KEEP IT SHINY, dramatically extends our products’ original color and gloss by years so it will look just as glossy and colorful as the day your Splashtacular products were installed. KEEP IT SHINY protects waterpark rides and attractions from harsh winter environments and UV damage. Plus, it makes dust, dirt and grime easier to wash away.

Nobody enjoys faded waterpark rides. Not guests buying the admission tickets. Not park owners who’ve invested money in them. Not designers who’ve created the theme. And, certainly not the Splashtacular team. That’s why all our waterpark rides include our automotive-grade clear coat, KEEP IT SHINY, as a standard feature.