Splashtacular unveils SPLASHRALLY™

LA QUINTA, Calif.—SplashTacular® Inc., the largest U.S.-based waterslide manufacturer, announced the debut of the patented ride SplashRally® a first-of-its-kind six-lane, downhill tube racer. The highly anticipated new attraction reflects the forward-thinking company’s pioneering approach to water-leisure entertainment and its more than 16 years of industry-leadership and innovation. 

Unlike anything else on the market, SplashRally features a curvy, figure-eight shape—rather than the straight race slide that has become the industry standard. In addition, representing yet another industry first, riders careen down SplashRally with the added excitement of sitting perched atop a two- or three-passenger tube, rather than the foam mats traditionally used with race slides. The innovative attraction delivers maximum entertainment from start to finish by also allowing guests to watch the high-speed competition from built-in viewing areas as they wait in line.

“Representing the first of a new generation of water-based attractions, this unbelievable one-of-a-kind racer provides riders an unforgettable experience,” said Steve Levine, founder and president of SplashTacular. “SplashRally offers friends a chance to race, get wet and experience a water slide competition unlike anything available up until now.”

Towering more than six stories above the finish line SplashRally features six slides running in parallel through a figure-eight layout. The figure-eight design is carefully engineered to allow the slides to be of equal overall length, while adding the thrill of banked turns and tubes passing each other. Each tube is staged at a “starting gate,” where riders are lined up next to one another in anticipation of the mechanically controlled start. Starting all lanes simultaneously allows for a fair race, giving time for some “chatter” between competitors. Once the race begins, all guests are sprayed by the first of two strategically placed “water cannons” as they begin their descent down the 604-foot track. 

Riveting through twists, turns and drop sections with plenty of opportunities for riders to pull ahead of one another, only inches separate racers as the winner rockets under a footbridge across the finish line. All except the winning rider are deluged by a final water cannon signaling the end of the race. Everyone drops into an eight inch deep run-out before observing their final race times displayed on time clocks located overhead of each lane at the end of the ride. 

SplashRally is also appealing for its high through-put—accommodating up to 1,440 riders per hour. For more information about SplashRally, visit www.splashtacular.com.


About SplashTacular

SplashTacular® Inc. is the largest U.S.-based waterslide manufacturer. Since 1994, the company has provided a full range of waterpark products and services, including the build-out of more than 1,000 waterpark projects and 3,000 exhilarating waterslides. In 2010, SplashTacular announced the addition of its Aquatic Play Unit division to further enhance and complement its product offerings.  

A wide range of clients benefit from SplashTacular’s expertise including destination resorts and hotels, waterparks, fitness centers, municipalities, public and private facilities. Through its exceptionally responsive project management team, SplashTacular builds projects from concept and engineering through manufacture and lifetime maintenance. Ultimately, SplashTacular builds cutting-edge and unforgettable waterslide and waterpark attractions that drive traffic and revenue. 

SplashTacular hosts corporate offices in California, and operations and production facilities in both Kansas and Texas. For more information, call 800.844.5334 (International: 01.760.771.5659), email info@splashtacular.com or visit www.splashtacular.com. 

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