KEEP IT NEW™ Maintenance


Keep Your Investment Looking New.

Maintenance for Your Waterslides and Water Play Elements

SplashTacular™ offers maintenance services that keep your water slides looking fresh and new.


Keep It New Maintenance™

We offer Interior and exterior recoating services for worn and damaged and faded surfaces. We can match your existing color scheme and provide 180 different colors for you to choose from and create a fresh look.


We work on slide towers, stairs, decking material…you name it. We can clean or replace damaged steel components, decking, treads, rusted stairways, landings, platforms and hardware. Even if the tower wasn’t manufactured by SplashTacular™, we’re happy to work on other manufacturer’s products.


Maybe it isn’t time for your slide to be recoated or resurfaced, but minor repairs are still needed. Contact us about your damaged slide components, chips and crack repair.

  • Resurfacing
  • Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repair
  • Steel & Decking Repair
  • Aquatic Play Unit Repair

What We Offer

  • Site Visit & Visual Inspection of Slide and Tower
  • Waterslide Restoration
  • Aquatic Play Unit and Spray Feature Restoration
  • Waterslide Tower, Decking, Tread & Steel Rehab
  • Interior Slide Surface Waxing & Buffing
  • Cleaning of the Exterior of Slides
  • Repair of Minor Scratches, Chips or Blemishes
  • Caulking of Slide Joints
  • Interior Resurfacing
  • Platform, Decking and Stairway Replacement
  • Replacement Canopy Fabrics & Frames
  • Pool Bottom Pads
  • Specialized Training for Aquatic Staff
  • Annual, Bi-Annual and Multi-Year Contracts

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