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SplashTacular's's high-thrill drop capsule is sure to fit the bill for all of the adrenaline seeking guests at your park. Utilizing a unique design that uses a curved back riding surface, so there is no harsh transition, makes this an extremely smooth and ergonomic ride.


The DrenalineDrop™ also allows for multiple capsules to be linked together for a thrilling multi-user experience with the choice of three different types of rides. Imagine everyone dropping at the same time, or sequentially one-at-a-time, or the crowd favorite; Roulette, where it's a gamble on who gets to go first.


We use a specially designed sound system to give a movie-theater quality sound experience.


From the towering launch platform, riders gaze down 58 feet to see two 32-inch tubes enter opposite sides of an enormous bowl. After entering separate launch modules, adrenaline begins to surge as riders await the countdown for simultaneous release.


Launching down near-vertical entry tubes, riders accelerate up to 40 mph. By streamlining their bodies in a straight line, experienced riders will be able to chase each other inside the bowl for multiple revolutions. The ride concludes to a gradual stop in the shallow pool located in the middle of the bowl.


Riders then simply stand up and make their way to the spiral stairway to either exit the ride or head back up the tower for yet another thrill pumped experience!

Double BowlsEye™

Double BowlsEye™ is an interactive slide experience that touches all senses. From the towering 60-foot tall launch platform, riders gaze into two 54-inch enclosed slides entering opposite sides of an enormous bowl. The group of 4 riders is separated into (2) two-person rafts, which are positioned back to back on custom controlled launch platforms.


Once riders are properly seated, they are simultaneously propelled in opposite directions and disappear into darkness. Within seconds, daylight appears as they enter the massive bowl before realizing they are not alone, but are instead being chased by the riders in the other raft! Each respective raft then terminates through a porthole into a finish lane only to  challenge the competition to a rematch.


6 Slides. 6 Launch Modules.  Over 6 Stories Tall.  6 Times the Fun!  The DownUnder™ is an unprecedented attraction with six individual 'DrenalineDrop™ launch modules arranged around the perimeter of the platform, riders watch each other while anticipating their descent. Hearts race while they banter back and forth....who will drop first?  When the launch button is finally hit, the floor drops out beneath each of the riders, launching them down near-vertical enclosed body slides.  The six slides twist and turn for over 255' an each take a different ride path to the bottom. Prepare for Launch!


Towering more than six stories above the finish line, the SplashRally™ "starting gate" channels race riders into six slides running in parallel.  The figure-eight layout allows the slides to be of equal overall length, while adding the thrill of banked turns and tubes passing each other as they race down the track. A  mechanically controlled launch system starts all lanes simultaneously which allows for a fair race, giving time for "chatter" between competitors.  Once the race begins, riders are doused by a strategically placed "water cannon" on the way down the 604-foot run, riveting through twists, turns and drops.  Racers pass under a footbridge to reach the finish line and all except the winning rider are drenched by a final water fall as the race concludes.  Everyone drops into an eight-inch deep runout before observing their final race times displayed on time clocks overhead.

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