Spray Features

Water Discovery for All Ages.


Maintenance for Your Waterslides and Water Play Elements

SplashTacular™ offers maintenance services that keep your water slides looking fresh and new.


Ground Features

SplashTacular™ offers a large variety of spray features for either a stand alone attraction or a compliment to any play unit. We integrate them into the rest of our product line to help add plenty of extra play value to your park. We're very passionate about our features giving a great experience and we focus on interactivity so it's not just another spray nozzle in your park. All of our features are made from Stainless steel and come in over 180 colors.

Lazy River Features

An extension of our Ground Features, no lazy river is complete without added interactivity. These features make great additions to your lazy river. We can even theme them to match your parks environment or add controls to give your park even more life.

Unique Solutions

Sometimes projects call for a special solution. SplashTacular's veteran design team has an incredible imagination and all the technical know-how to create just the right solution when these projects come along.

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