Children swimming

Before you gear up for another Splashtacular 
summer, let’s put safety at the forefront of your mind with a swimsuit visibility test!

Alive Solutions Inc., a company dedicated to Aquatic Safety, released a study on bathing suit visibility, and their findings will permanently shake up swimsuit season.

Pool Bottom Results

Color test results with a light-colored pool bottom.

As you can see from the above image, the top row depicts clear and calm water, while the bottom row depicts movement typical of a busy pool or waterpark.

From this test, we can conclude that neon pink and neon orange show up more prominently than any other color, while swimsuits colored white or light blue are nearly invisible in clear or agitated water.

The test also reveals that darker-colored swimsuits are more visible than lighter-colored suits against a light-colored pool bottom. However, amid the chaos of a busy summer, darker-colored swimsuits can easily be mistaken by lifeguards and pool attendants for shadows or dirt.

Open Water Results

Alive Solutions Inc. continued its testing by checking swimsuit visibility in lakes or open water.

Alive Solutions, Inc. Swimsuit visibility test results in open water.
Color test results in open water.

They conducted this additional test in 18″ of water as visibility was zero for all colors below two feet of water. The first row of images reflects a surface perspective. The second row of images illustrates a shore-level perspective. And lastly, the third row depicts a slightly elevated position, akin to the view from a boat or dock.

The most contrasting colors of swimsuits are still of the neon family, with neon yellow, neon green, and neon orange shining the brightest. Yet, despite this, even the most vibrant swimsuit will not be visible in water deeper than two feet, thus reminding us all of the need for lifejackets in open water, regardless of depth.

Kids with neon swimsuits

So as you gather your gear for another fun-filled summer, remember to choose a bright neon-colored swimsuit in colors such as orange, pink, yellow, or green. And don’t forget the matching lifejacket!