Onboarding Your Waterpark Employees for a Successful Summer

Posted: Apr 15, 2021
Onboarding Your Waterpark Employees for a Successful Summer

Summer is fast approaching and it is time to get your team ready! As waterpark manufacturers, the Splashtacular team knows that onboarding seasonal employees is a stressful, but necessary part of the industry. To help make it a little less stressful this year, our team created a simple guide to help ensure the rider operator and lifeguard onboarding process goes smoothly at your park this summer.

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The Basics 

Each role at your park will require specific training. The chef at your concession stand doesn’t need to know how to turn on your wave pool, just like your lifeguards don’t need to know how to fry a burger. However, there are a few basics that you should cover with all employees to ensure a successful summer. 

Mission and Code of Ethics

If your waterpark has a mission and code of ethics, be sure to have all employees review both before day one of employment. It is important that all team members are working towards the same goal and believe in your mission. It is also important that all employees understand your code of ethics and promise to uphold those standards over the summer.

HR and Legal 

Make sure all of your employees complete all necessary HR and legal documents. This includes paperwork for taxes, payroll, and benefits. While this might not be the most exciting to do, it is one of the most important. 

Team Spirit

As waterpark manufacturers, the Splashtacular team believes that there is nothing more important than loving the place that you work, believing in it, and helping the team achieve its goals. Work hard to instill this sense of team spirit and camaraderie in every single employee to take your park to the next level.

Ride Operator and Lifeguards 

Thorough onboarding for your ride operators and lifeguards is crucial for a safe and successful summer for everyone. The key areas you need to cover include:

First Aid and CPR 

Anyone involved with the operation of rides and overseeing guest safety in the water must know First Aid and CPR. As waterpark manufacturers, we hate to see anyone get injured, but it inevitably happens. Make sure your operators and lifeguards have current certifications and test their knowledge on how to respond to a variety of emergency scenarios..

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Ride Operations

Your ride operators will of course need to know how to operate each ride over the summer. A great way to ensure they know everything they need to know is to reach out to your waterpark manufacturers for a quick refresher and training before summer begins.

Guest Safety

Your lifeguards and ride operators must be well-versed in guest safety. This not only means protecting them in the water, but protecting them before they get in the water. Remembering weight and height requirements and restrictions for rides, encouraging guests to walk, not run, in the park, and speaking up when they see a guest disobeying park rules are all important in ensuring guest safety.

Ride Maintenance

As waterpark manufacturers, we know that an inevitable part of running a waterpark is that rides need maintenance. Routine maintenance is a given, but sometimes emergency maintenance is also required. Make sure your ride operators understand how to maintain your rides over the summer and warning signs of potential problems to look for.

At Splashtacular, we believe that our employees are what make us one of the best waterpark manufacturers around and your waterpark employees are what make your waterpark one of the best parks around. Ensure a great summer for all by giving your team the tools they need to succeed. And if your ride operators need any training on Splashtacular equipment before summer begins, reach out to our team for assistance!