Special Effects

The roar of the speaker. The flash of the lights. As if the Splashtacular waterslides weren’t already fun enough, you can add a fully customized light and sound show to give them even more thrills!


Take our designs for a spin

The Magic Behind Immersive Experiences

Turn your waterpark into a multi-sensory extravaganza! Whether you’re installing a brand-new slide or just want to spice up an existing one, our light and sound packages are sure to wow your guests and have them coming back time and time again.

From translucent waterslide sections and bands and timing systems to custom sound effects and lighting packages, Splashtacular has everything you need to take your waterpark to the next level.

A Multi-Sensory Thrill Ride

Bring together every sense to create a unique environment that entrances your guests in the adventure of your park. From stellar light shows on the inside to a billboard for your waterpark on the outside, our LED hoop lights are sure to attract new guests and please returning ones. Combine that with our sound system and you have a full-blown spectacle on your hands. Take a look at a few other features Splashtacular provides:

  • Create, match, or customize to your waterpark’s theme, from the colors to the setting
  • Suited for indoor or outdoor environments
  • Timing and custom launch systems for retrofits or new installations
  • Translucent sections and banding for waterslides
  • RGB LED Lighting packages to include exterior hoop lights and interior point lights
  • Juke box sound packages with marine grade speakers delivering music guests can feel in their bones
  • Custom touch panel control can control water effects, lighting, and sound

Time to Ride Again!

With our customized timing system, you can create a competition with each slide. You’ll have riders lining up again and again to see who can make it down the fastest. Splashtacular also has Red Light Green Light launch systems so anticipation can build before each drop.

Add New Twists and Turns to Your Waterpark