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Our engineers, designers and water slide manufacturing experts turn stainless steel and fiberglass into swerving, twisting, water-filled works of art. As the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of a World Waterpark Association’s Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers, we know a thing or two about creating unique waterpark designs. Our waterpark attractions are the things adventures, laughs, memories and profitable seasons are made of.

How Do We Do It?

Splashtacular’s™ team never lost their childhood curiosity and creativity. Only now we hold patents, professional licenses and have the top engineering and design skills in our industry. Plus, we have a keen sense for working with budgets. We’re adept at foreseeing challenges – like gravity – and we thrive on overcoming them. More importantly, we understand that your waterpark’s success hinges on having uniquely fun, safe and durable waterslides, water features and aquatic play units – something for everyone to enjoy.

Alex Weidman



Alex earned a Bachelor of Science in architectural engineering from Kansas State University (EMAW!) and started with Splashtacular in 2003 as a project manager. Before joining our terrific team, Alex spent 12 years working for general contractors and built a wide variety of projects including water and wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, commercial buildings, and many other things for the Department of Defense, Corps of Engineers and the United States Air Force (we can’t say what or you know what we’d have to do). When not at work or following his daughters from one activity to another, Alex enjoys homebrewing (obsessively), trout fishing and golf (at which he is not so great, but you didn’t hear it from us).

Anita Burdge - Chief Financial Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Anita has her Bachelor of Science in accounting from Kansas State University, which she’s put to good use for almost three decades now. Prior to joining Splashtacular, she owned an accounting firm that provided services to small businesses specializing in residential construction, interior decorating and remodeling. In her free time you’ll find her wrangling grandkids, and when no one is looking, sneaking away for some quiet time on her deck with a glass of wine and a good book.

Kodi Theilgaard - Vice President of Design


Vice President of Design

This proud Colorado native left his career as a sommelier to pursue his passion for design. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in industrial design from the Art Institute of Colorado, he went to work for SCS Interactive as their lead designer. In 2009, after a few beers and a little persuasion, he found himself waking up in Kansas City as the creative director of Splashtacular. You can still catch him rambling on about the nuances of wine at a local jazz club, staying active outside, telling jokes at the local improv comedy club or fanatically cheering for his beloved Sporting KC soccer team.

Brian Faulkner


Vice President of Operations

Brian’s passion and drive for working in the construction and engineering field led him to becoming a construction manager, estimator and eventually running a steel manufacturing facility for several years. He was already a veteran of the construction and manufacturing industries when he started with Splashtacular in 2011. Brian brings a wealth of hands-on experiences that help with his everyday responsibilities at Splashtacular; where he leads our skilled team of project managers. He uses his proactive nature with our manufacturing folks to ensure schedules are met and quality meets our highest standards. Otherwise, he’s chasing his kids around and in fair weather, you’ll see this duffer out on the links working on his short-game, fantasizing about his Master’s debut; which might just happen (unlike Alex).


Vice President of Engineering

Robin earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Mechanical Engineering up in the great white North at Michigan Tech University.  All those polar plunges were great training for riding slides in March and April up in WI, MN, and ND.  Before joining Splashtacular, she found herself crawling around in boilers and turbines for 10 years in the power industry. Today she is having much more fun working on engineering projects that involve a lot more water, and a lot less dangerous material.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with her adorable grandson, and convincing her husband to adopt more dogs (currently, she has three!). 


Vice President of Sales

Drew’s “gift of gab” and penchant for connecting with people has led him down a variety of diverse avenues throughout his career. From working with law enforcement, to serving as a partner at a software firm, Drew is a jack of all trades with an array of unique experience. It was ultimately Drew’s passion and pursuit of teaching martial arts that introduced him to Splastacular’s VP of Operations, Brian Faulkner. After teaching Brian’s kids in his dojo, Drew was introduced to the Splashtacular team and they both recognized the natural fit. As Sales Manager for Splashtacular, Drew focuses on building connections with his clients, developing relationships within the aquatics industry and creating experiences for the next generation of swimmers. As a Kansas native and University of Kansas grad, Drew bleeds all things crimson and blue and you’ll find him watching any KU sporting event, even football. When Drew isn’t busy in the dojo he is raising the next generation of Jayhawks fans and enjoys spending time with his family.

Trinity Lawson

Marketing Director

Trinity received her undergrad in Theatre from the Emporia State University. While you might catch her on stage periodically, her time is now spent playing with her two sweet boys, Oliver and Jack.

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