Keep It New™

Maintenance Solutions & More!

Keep It New™

Daily inspections and regular maintenance are necessary to keep slides and features in top operating condition. But that rigorous schedule can pose a challenge!  Especially if you’re facing staffing shortages. 

That's where Keep It New™ comes in!

We’ll perform your required maintenance on your schedule!

Whether it takes fixing simple scratches, replacing worn-out decking materials,
recoating, buffing, waxing or repairing damaged components,


The Best Part? Anyone can enroll!

We provide maintenance to any aquatic facility regardless of its original manufacturer.

Common Services

Add-On Services


  • Waxing and buffing slide interior surfaces
  • Cleaning slide exterior surfaces
  • Repairing minor scratches, chips and blemishes
  • Caulking slide joints
  • Visually inspecting slide and slide tower
  • Reporting concerns and potential problems

  • Recoating
    • Recoat worn or damaged interior surfaces
    • Recoat faded or worn exterior of slide surfaces
    • Color match to bring faded exterior surfaces back to life or select a brand, new color

  • Canopy Installation
    • Fitted to your slide tower or custom-designed

  • Replacement and Repair
    • Replace damaged components
    • Repair cracks or large chips

  • Evaluations
    • Evaluate all equipment
    • Determine repairs
    • Cost analysis

  • Decking and Steel Replacement
    • Replace damaged steel components (decking, tread tower, etc.)
    • Replace rusted stairways, landings, and or platforms
    • Prepare and touch up steel parts
    • Replace worn-out or cracked tread and decking material

  • Specialized Training
    • On-site training or retraining current or new staff on performing inspections and maintenance
    • Teach your staff minor repair techniques, such as minor chip, scratch, and blemish repair, plus side joint caulking.
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