12 Things Every Waterpark Should Have

Posted: May 26, 2020
12 Things Every Waterpark Should Have

Whether you are building a new waterpark or making improvements on an old one, there are a few key elements that separate the good waterparks from the great waterparks. As America’s leading waterslide manufacturer, the team at Splashtacular has worked with a number of waterparks over the years and we have seen it all. 

In our experience, there are 12 key things every great waterpark should have, aside from all legal and safety requirements. These must-haves range from amenities to attractions and really help to transform the visitor’s experience. Below we are sharing our must have items with you, keep reading to learn more!

A Signature Landmark 

All waterpark owners want their fans to snap and post pictures of their visits on their social media pages, it is great word-of-mouth marketing! In order to encourage doing so among guests, construct a signature landmark or backdrop fans will scramble to take a picture in front of!

Beautiful Landscaping

As a waterslide manufacturer, our favorite part of all parks is of course, the attractions! However, they aren’t the only thing to pay attention to, landscaping matters too. Creating a beautiful environment will help ensure your visitors never want to leave!

Plenty of Shade for Long Lines

Nothing ruins a trip to the waterpark faster than standing in a long line with sun beating down your back. Make sure that your line formations are all well shaded to keep your customers cool and comfortable while you wait. Work with your waterslide manufacturer and construction team to ensure shaded waiting space.

At Least One High Speed Attraction for Thrill Seekers

No waterpark wants to be known for the lazy river alone. All waterparks need at least one high speed, thrilling waterslide such as a Speed Slide to attract adrenaline junkies everywhere! Talk to your waterslide manufacturer about their offerings!

At Least One Attraction for the Whole Family

On the other hand, you need to cater to the whole family! Don’t forget about the little guys and those who might be a little more nervous about the bigger slides. Consider talking to your waterslide manufacturer about a family slide or kiddie racer to make your park inclusive to all.

Easy-to-Order, Allergen-Free Food Options

Many children and parents alike suffer from life threatening food allergies. Ensure your park is friendly to allergy sufferers by offering plenty of allergen-free food options as well as allergen-free kitchens. Please note that as a waterslide manufacturer, kitchen safety is not our area of expertise! Remember to follow all state and local food preparation guidelines.

A Unique Signature Food Item

Coney Island has Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, DisneyWorld has Dole Whip, and Harry Potter World has Butterbeer, what does your park have? Every great waterpark we have worked with as a waterslide manufacturer has a signature food item that can only be found at that park. It is a great way to bring the foodies in and another way to encourage picture taking and sharing.

Complimentary Lockers

Dry clothes, extra towels, sunscreen, cell phones. These are just a few of the belongings your patrons will need to bring to the park with them. Offering complimentary lockers to store these items is a great way to show your customers that you appreciate their business!

Family Bathrooms 

It is highly likely that the majority of your customers will be families and there is nothing more frustrating to a parent than not being able to find a bathroom to accommodate all of their children. Family bathrooms offer an easy way for parents to keep an eye on their kids and ensure safety first.

Changing Tables In All Bathrooms

Gone are the days of only finding changing tables in women’s restrooms. Make sure that your park is all-inclusive and install changing tables in the men’s, women’s, and family restrooms.

Free Wifi

Thousands of visitors a day and concrete structures can sometimes make cell phone reception a little slow. Offer free Wifi to park visitors for the duration of their stay in order to help keep your customers connected and prevent frustration.

Branded Merchandised

Fans are your best advertisement so why not offer them a little something to take home with them! Putting souvenir shops with branded merchandise near the exits is a great way to encourage your visitors to take a little treat home with them to remember their day!

At Splashtacular we are more than just a waterslide manufacturer, we love to consider how all of the pieces of the park come together to make a great customer experience! Tell us what you would add to the list in the comments below!