How to Make Your Waterpark Profitable in the Off-Season

Posted: Dec 11, 2020
How to Make Your Waterpark Profitable in the Off-Season

Winter is upon us here in the United States! And while many people find the holidays holly-jolly, as waterpark builders we know that for many in the waterpark business, the winter tends to be a little slow. With most United States waterparks operating from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the off-season is often marked by eight and half long months without visitors. And eight and a half long months without visitors means eight and a half long months without revenue for the park.

Although some of this time is welcome and necessary time off to prepare for the busy season, unless your park is undergoing major renovations or upgrades, you likely have a lot of free time on your hands. To help you and your park make the most of this free time and start turning a profit during the off-season, the waterpark builders at Splashtacular have a few ideas to inspire you.

Below we are sharing different ways we as waterpark builders have seen various waterparks across the country continue making money in the offseason! Keep reading below to learn more.


Make Your Waterpark Profitable in the Off-Season


As waterpark builders, we know that October can be a scary month for waterpark owners everywhere. One way the Splashtacular team has seen our partners across the US combat this is by turning their park into a Haunted House for the month of October! Make October less scary for you, by making it scarier for everyone else!

Although the rides will of course be closed, you can set up various structures throughout the park using tents and temporary buildings to create your haunted houses. Different structures can appeal to different age groups just like your regular attractions, keeping it fun for the whole family!

November – January

Late November through early January is the perfect time to set up a holiday light show in your park! Once again, though the regular attractions will of course be closed, a holiday light show is a great way to keep families visiting through the colder months.

Get creative during this time of year, change your concession stands to sell holiday themed snacks such as hot cocoa and Christmas cookies. You could also have one of your staff members dress up as Santa Claus and create a North Pole, where children can sit on his lap and take photos! Both parents and little ones would love this feature!

March – April

Late March through April is likely when you are busy working with waterpark builders on park maintenance and preparing for summer! Although, you are probably busy selling season passes this time of the year, if you are looking for additional revenue streams, we have a great idea!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) organizations at elementary schools across the country are always looking for exciting field trips to take their students on. You could consider partnering with a few local school’s STEM organizations and hosting their students. On the days their students come, your waterpark builders and engineers can focus on more complicated aspects of the maintenance phase, demonstrating electric and mechanical engineering processes to the students.

Keeping your waterpark operating at some capacity during the off season is not only great for revenue, but it is also great for your seasonal employees! Allowing those who are willing and able to keep their jobs through the off-season is a huge way to boost company morale and loyalty.

These are just a few of the creative ways the waterpark builders at Splashtacular have seen various waterparks across the country keep things running in the off-season! If you are a park owner who has come up with your own unique ways to make revenue in the off-season, the Splashtacular team would love to hear from you. Share your tips in the comments below!