Project Spotlight: Candy Cane Park

Posted: Jan 28, 2021
Project Spotlight: Candy Cane Park

The Splashtacular team recently had the opportunity to join the team responsible for the major renovations at Candy Cane Park in Conroe, Texas as the water slide maker for the park. Being part of such a major project is always an honor for our team and we are so excited to share the details of the project with you today. Keep reading below to learn more about the park and our team’s role as the water slide maker. And as always, if you find yourself in Conroe, Texas, be sure to stop by the park and try out our slides for yourself!

Why Splashtacular?

Candy Cane Park was a competitive project for the Splashtacular team to win. Although our team was only up against one competitor, the vetting and decision making process was extremely detailed. Progressive Commercial Aquatics and Counsilman-Hunsaker & Associates were the pool contractor and aquatic engineers on the project respectively and were responsible for selecting the water slide maker.

Ultimately, the Splashtacular team was chosen as water slide maker for Candy Cane Park because the quality of our products and high level of customer service stood out to the Progressive Commercial Aquatics team. Both parties also appreciated that we are the largest US manufacturer of water slides and play units. Our name and brand recognition helped provide comfort and trust to the client.


Project Details

Once our team was chosen at the water slide maker for Candy Cane park, the real fun began! The client ordered two unique slide complexes and the Model 200st Aquatic Play Unit. Our team coordinated closely with Counsilman-Hunsaker on the design details for all three structures.

The first slide complex is home to two slides: a teal colored 32-inch enclosed body slide and a mauve colored 42-inch open body slide. These slides both end with a splash in the plunge pool!

The second slide complex consists of three slides: an orange colored seat slide, a blue colored 32-inch enclosed body slide, and a green colored 42-inch open body slide. These slides all end on self-contained run out systems rather than a pool. Having two different types of endings on the different slide structures allow riders of various ages, heights, and swimming abilities to enjoy our attractions.

The Model 200st containing small slides, a water bucket, and many spray features was chosen for the park. To tie the play unit to the slide complexes, we incorporated all of the slide colors (teal, mauve, orange, blue, green), creating a cohesive feel.

Progressive Commercial Aquatics team was instrumental in helping Jimmy Nigh, the project manager on the project for Splashtacular, coordinate site-specific conditions for installation. They supplied us, the water slide maker, with all site-specific instructions and documentations related to the job requirements.

All-in-all this project took approximately 18-months to complete, from design, fabrication, delivery, installation, ride certification, and staff training. Since completion we have received nothing, but positive feedback from the client, the aquatic engineer, and the pool contractor!

As a water slide maker, there is nothing that makes the team at Splashtacular happier than a successfully completed project for a new client! If you are a park owner and are looking to upgrade your slides or play units, give our team a call today to learn more about our service offerings.