Project Spotlight: Houston Memorial Pool

Posted: Mar 11, 2021
Project Spotlight: Houston Memorial Pool

Our waterpark company was excited to be chosen as the waterslide manufacturer for a major renovation of an existing park in Houston, Texas. Being selected to revamp a local park and responsible for adding features. That will help modernize the park, making it appeal to a wider range of area residents. Which is what the Splashtacular waterpark company loves doing. Today we are sharing what our waterpark company was responsible for, keep reading below!

Why Splashtacular?

In pursuit of the project, we needed to collaborate with both industry influencers. The aquatic engineering firm Counsilman Hunsaker & Associates and the pool contractor Progressive Commercial Aquatics. As all projects within the public sector are competitively contested. Splashtacular was successful in negotiating the award of the waterslide complex and aquatic play unit. 

Our waterpark company ultimately won the bid for a number of reasons. Including our competitive pricing, superior product offering, and industry reputation. Our company history and the relationships that we have built with the engineer. The contractor over the years also worked in our favor, as the clients knew they could trust us to deliver a high quality waterpark solution.


Project Details

The waterslide complex chosen was a 15 foot single slide tower. A 42 inch open body slide, a compact spiral staircase, and an integrated shade canopy. Additionally, the product offering consisted of a highly interactive aquatic play unit model APU 175ST.  This play unit features 13 total interactives, a 32 inch enclosed body slide, and an iconic 4 foot tipping bucket.

Throughout the project, our waterpark team coordinated very closely with both industry influencers. We collaborated with Counsilman Hunsaker on drawings and specifications for the products. All project management was coordinated between Splashtacular and Progressive Commercial Pools. The tight coordination and open communication between all three teams helped ensure successful, timely project completion.

Whether you are renovating an existing park or looking to build a new one from scratch. The Splashtacular team would love to be considered for all of your aquatic features. Give our team a call today to learn more about the products and services available to you!