Safety Features Every Water Park Needs

Posted: Apr 05, 2021
Safety Features Every Water Park Needs

As water park builders, the Splashtacular team always says that the most fun part of our job is designing attractions, but the most important part of our job is helping to ensure that the parks we create are safe for all guests.

Although, talking about our latest projects and newest designs is a lot more fun than talking about safety features, it is our duty as water park builders to talk about the other stuff as well. Today, our team is sharing the five safety features that we believe every park needs. As always, when it comes to safety features and regulations, check with your local state licensing boards before making any decisions.

Five Safety Features Every Park Needs


As water park builders, it is our responsibility to remind you that every water park must be staffed with lifeguards. There should always be a lifeguard on duty at the top of every slide, the bottom of every slide, every pool, and every water attraction. Lifeguards are responsible for keeping your guests safe and happy throughout their time at your park and good lifeguards are the most important investment you will make!

Accessible First-Aid Stations

Reputable water park builders will always advise owners to have numerous first-aid stations throughout their parks so that they are easily accessible to all guests and staff. The last thing your park needs is an emergency to occur and the closest first-aid station to be located on the farthest corner of the park. Check your local regulations for what exactly your aid stations should be equipped with, but a few basics water park builders recommend include:

  • Treatment beds for injured or dehydrated guests
  • Bandages for injuries 
  • Sunscreen
  • Water jugs 
  • Ice 
  • Defibrillator 


Instructions & Rules for Every Attraction

As water park builders, it is our job to train your staff on the proper way to allow riders to enjoy the attractions at your park. Once the park is open though, it is important that you have proper instructions posted for each of your attractions to ensure rider safety. Including rules such as minimum, height requirements, and weight restrictions also go a long way in protecting your guests.

Life Vests for All Visitors 

If you have water features at your park, it is important that you offer life vests for all visitors. The water park builders that you work with will tell you that attractions such as plunge pools, lazy rivers, and even regular pools can all pose risks to even the most highly trained swimmers. Keep your patrons safe and encourage life vests when necessary!

Plenty of Drinking Water and Shade

As water park builders, we know that one of the best things about a water park is the relief that it can give you from the summer heat! There is nothing better than zipping down a slide and finishing your ride with a dip in the plunge pool on a hot day. However, when the whole town has the same idea, lines tend to get a bit long at times, leaving waiting guests hot. Keep your guests cool all day long by positioning towers, waiting areas, and dining tables in the shade to give them a break. You should also consider installing water fountains throughout your park to ensure accessible, free drinking water for all.

If you are a water park owner looking to consult with water park builders on any aspect of your park, the Splashtacular team is here to help. Contact our water park experts today to learn more.