Waterpark Maintenance

Posted: Jun 26, 2020
Waterpark Maintenance

Waterpark maintenance is a vitally important topic that sometimes gets overshadowed by the more exciting aspects of a waterpark. At Splashtacular we understand why this may be. As a waterslide manufacturer, the team at Splashtacular would certainly rather spend our time telling you about our newest innovations, the fun we had zipping down a speed slide at a client’s park, or which waterparks have the best hot dogs on the menu! 

However, while it might not be the most glamorous subject, waterpark maintenance is by far the single most important responsibility of waterpark ownership. As a waterslide manufacturer it is our duty to make sure our client’s are equipped with the knowledge they need to keep their parks safe and fun for everyone! 

To help you keep the fun going all season long, our team is sharing our waterpark maintenance guide with you. Keep reading below for all the must-knows!


The Importance of Waterpark Maintenance

In order to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable experience for all of your guests, waterpark maintenance is of the utmost importance. The last thing we want as a waterslide manufacturer and you as a park owner is for a guest to hurt themselves on a crack in a slide’s surface or a fallen nail on the ground. Daily, routine maintenance and inspections will help keep your park in tip-top shape and should anything be out of order, alert you to the issue right away.


Safety Tests

As a waterslide manufacturer, the Splashtacular team believes that safety tests are by far the most important component to your waterpark maintenance plan. At the beginning and end of the season you must conduct thorough safety tests on every single ride, structure, and attraction in your waterpark and make any repairs, upgrades, and replacements necessary. On a daily basis it is important to ensure all attractions are functioning properly prior to opening for the day. If anything is amiss you will need to keep that particular attraction closed until you are able to fix the issue.


Areas to Consider

Waterslide safety is top of mind for us as a waterslide manufacturer, but the attractions are not the only part of your waterpark that need maintenance. In addition to your rides, pools, and splash pads, you should also include the ride towers, stairs, decking material, restrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, and even the flower gardens in your daily maintenance routine. Your entire park contributes to the customer experience and it is important they are impressed each step of the way.


Splashtacular’s Keep It New Maintenance 

At Splashtacular we offer our Keep It New Maintenance service to help keep your park as shiny and new as it was on opening day. The service is completely customizable to fit your waterpark’s needs. Whether you would like a regular maintenance program or need help with a one-time problem, there are options to help you meet your goals!

Maintenance and repair services include visual inspections of the slides and towers, attraction restoration, surface waxing and buffing, cleaning of equipment, training for staff, repair of minor chips, blemishes, and more. And no matter if we installed your attractions or another waterslide manufacturer did, our services are available to you!


Regular waterpark maintenance will keep your waterpark up and running all season long! If you are struggling to fit necessary maintenance into your routine our Keep It New Maintenance service could be the perfect fit for you. Give the Splashtacular team a call today at 913.380.4152 to learn more!