What You Should Look for in an Aquatic Play Unit

Posted: Sep 03, 2021
What You Should Look for in an Aquatic Play Unit

At Splashtacular we aren’t just a waterslide supplier, we are your one-stop aquatic feature shop! We’re often thought of just as a waterslide supplier, but our Aquatic Play Units (better known as APUs around here!) are also fantastic features for your park. Whether you are searching for a new aquatic feature for a city park, neighborhood pool, or theme park, there are options for you. Today, Splashtacular is sharing what you should look for in your next—or first—aquatic play unit. Keep reading below to learn more.

What You Should Look for In Your Next Aquatic Play Unit

When looking for an APU to add to your park, you’ll want to start by considering the type of park you’re working on. Depending on which type of park you’re adding to, you’ll need to make different considerations. Let’s explore three of the most common parks we work on as a waterslide supplier.

City Parks

A city park official hoping to add a new APU will need to make different considerations than a theme park owner. As a city park official you should focus on the following factors when looking at APUs:




Neighborhood Pools

Adding an APU to a neighborhood pool is a great way to include young children or children with disabilities who may not be able to swim. When adding an APU to a neighborhood pool, you will want to look for:


  • APUs that fills a need you aren’t meeting – 

    If you have slides and games for one age group, but not another, adding an APU that caters to a specific age range can be a great way to ensure you capture a wider audience.

  • Location for the installation –

    Many guardians come to the pool with multiple children of different ages or who have different ideas of fun. If possible, installing an APU where mom or dad can keep watch on two kids on two different attractions at once is a great way to win points with parents.

  • New safety considerations –

    APUs come with a whole new set of safety considerations over a traditional pool. To keep kids safe you’ll need to implement policies around running, shoving, and jumping on the APUs. On some APUs, you might also want to consider requiring water shoes to keep kids safe and germ-free!

Theme Parks

Working with a waterslide supplier to add an APU to your existing theme or waterpark is a great way to add a new attraction that will encourage guests to beat the summer heat with you. When adding a new APU to your park, you should consider:


  • What type of attractions do you already have – 

    This might sound like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen park owners add another attraction for kids in the 4 – 6-year-old range while having absolutely nothing to offer those in the 7 – 9-year-old range. Take the attractions you already have into account before you make any decisions.

  • Guest comfort –

    If you are adding an APU to a waterpark, this won’t matter much, but if you’re adding one to a traditional theme park, read on! If guests are encouraged to splash around in your APU fully clothed and then hop right on the roller coaster next, this might be a turn-off to guests who don’t want to sit in a puddle left by a previous rider’s clothes. When adding an APU, you should consider adding a changing area for guests to use so this doesn’t become an issue.

  • Theme and branding –

    As a water or theme park owner, your branding is part of your identity, and any new attractions you bring in need to be on-brand. Work with Splashtacular or your chosen waterslide supplier to create a custom look that is unique to your park.

Aquatic playgrounds can be fun for the whole family when installed correctly and the proper considerations are made. At Splashtacular, we have experience installing APUs across a wide variety of parks and can help you determine which is the best option for your unique park. Give our team a call today to learn more about the APUs we have available today!