If you have been considering adding water attractions to your local park, this is your sign– directly from a waterpark manufacturer–that now is the time to do so! Adding water attractions to your local park will bring numerous benefits to your park, city, and of course your visitors!

Today, the Splashtacular team is excited to share the top 5 reasons we believe you should work with a waterpark manufacturer to add new attractions to your park. Keep reading below to learn more!

Adding Water Attractions to Your Park

Offer Visitors Refuge from the Summer Heat

Working with a waterpark manufacturer to add attractions to your park will make your park especially appealing to guests in the summer months. Splash pads, waterslides, and aquatic play structures are all wonderful ways to keep your visitors cool all summer long!

Appeal to a Wider Audience

Adding new water features to your park will help your park appeal to a wider audience. Making it fun for the whole family! You can choose between a wide variety of slides, aquatic play structures. More to ensure that your park appeals to everyone from mom and dad to the youngest of your visitors.

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Increase Revenue for Your City or Park

If you run a public park in your town or city, adding water attractions can be a great way to increase revenue to your local Parks Department. Charging a small admission fee for visitors to the water section of your park. Will help both increase revenue and offset your operating costs.

Create Jobs to Boost Your Local Economy

Adding water features to your park means creating many jobs to help support your local economy! When you have a waterpark manufacturer install water attractions at your park you will need to hire many employees including maintenance team members, lifeguards, and attraction operators. Contact Splashtacular today to do your part in stimulating the economy! 

Excite Loyal Patrons and Attract New Ones 

As a premier waterpark manufacturer, the Splashtacular team has seen firsthand the life that new waterslides & waterpark attractions can bring to an older park. The excitement of new, cutting edge attractions will make your loyal patrons ready to return and is a surefire way to bring more people to your park. 

Are you ready to beat the summer heat, increase revenue, and become the talk of the town? If so, the Splashtacular team is here to help! Give us a call today to learn why we’re the right waterpark manufacturer for you!