Brian Faulkner Promoted to Vice President of Operations at Splashtacular®

Posted: Sep 07, 2017
Brian Faulkner Promoted to Vice President of Operations at Splashtacular®

Faulkner to oversee management of all projects as waterpark attraction company’s sales grow across the U.S. and abroad.

Brian Faulkner, VP Operations

PAOLA, KS (September 8, 2017) – Splashtacular, an award-winning waterslide and waterpark attraction engineering, design and manufacturing company, announces promoting Brian Faulkner to vice president of operations. In his new role, Brian will lead the company’s team of project managers and will oversee that all waterslide and waterpark attraction projects remain on schedule and meet internal quality standards, bringing an even higher level of quality and reliability to Splashtacular’s clients.


Alex Weidman, Splashtacular’s president, explains, “Since we now have sales representatives in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia, we looked internally for people to enhance our processes that directly affect project outcomes, especially in terms of keeping projects on schedule and at the quality to which our clients are accustomed. Brian has comprehensive experience on the project management side as one of our former project managers and brings both the time and budget perspectives to his new position. His ability to juggle both carefully without dropping any balls brings peace of mind to our clients.”


When Brian joined Splashtacular in 2011, he was already a construction and manufacturing industries veteran. He started in construction and engineering, becoming a construction manager and estimator, eventually managing a steel manufacturing facility for many years. Brian brings hands-on experience to project management and his proactive nature keeps projects moving on time, on budget without sacrificing quality.


“Brian is a perfect fit for this new role. He knows every step from start to finish about our waterslide and waterpark attraction projects, as well as why those steps are so important to our clients’ waterparks, which makes him ideal for this position. He definitely sees things through, considering Brian recently beat out competitors for a chance to win a $1 million prize in the Twin Hills Golf Tournament. Winning the million would’ve required a hole-in-one on the 18th hole, but he still came back from a deficit to win the tournament, plus a trip to Cabo San Lucas. He’s always kept a cool head under pressure.” states Kodi Theilgaard, Splashtacular’s director of design.

Splashtacular helps its clients attract waterpark guests and generate revenue with its unique and durable waterslides, aquatic play units and spray features. Depending on the client’s need, Splashtacular’s team can create a fully customized water feature to match a new park’s theme, retrofit one to complement existing features or install pre-designed aquatic play units or water features to help stay within budget. With 188 colors to choose from, translucent effects and light and sound, clients have the widest range of options on the market to create the perfect theme and stand apart from other waterparks. Exclusively manufactured in the United States, Splashtacular designs its products with long-lasting U.S.-sourced materials that require less maintenance and protect investments for the long term.

“I’ve spent my career looking at details and keeping those into perspective from a 30,000 foot overview. As our sales grow in the U.S. as well as the three countries where we now have sales reps, my eye for deadlines and efficiency will serve our clients well. It doesn’t hurt my golf game either,” says Brian.


About Splashtacular
Splashtacular is the largest waterslide and aquatic play unit manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of a World Waterpark Association’s Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers. Since 1994, the company has built thousands of American-made waterpark attractions—including 3,000 waterslides—around the world. The company designs, engineers and manufactures unforgettable waterpark experiences for families, such as The 360Rush, Double BowlsEye, and the first standing waterslide in the U.S., The Slipstream, that generates revenue for park owners and managers. For more information on how the company turns waterparks into splashing successes, contact us.