Top 5 Off-Season Maintenance Tips

Posted: Nov 12, 2021
Top 5 Off-Season Maintenance Tips

There are a number of outdoor waterparks that are currently in their off-season. For waterslide fanatics, the off-season might seem to drag on for an excruciatingly long time, but for waterpark operators, opening day will be here before you know it! As many of you are aware, the off- season can be just as hectic as the summer months with plenty of maintenance, side projects, and, of course, a little rest and relaxation to squeeze into a short window. Before you know it, it’s spring and we’re ramping back up for opening day!

To help ensure you accomplish everything you need to do during the off-season, the Splashtacular team is sharing the 5 off-season maintenance requirements every waterslide and park manager needs to do. Keep reading below to learn more!

5 Tips for Off-Season Waterpark Maintenance

1. Routine Ride Maintenance

Routine waterslide maintenance isn’t just reserved for the summer months. Maintenance must be performed throughout the year in order to protect the investments you’ve made in your rides and help preserve them for years to come.

Routine maintenance during the off-season will also help make the beginning of the next season smoother and help to ensure your future guests are safe on your attractions.

2. Repaint Attractions

Waterslide attractions and aquatic play units tend to take a beating during the summer months. Not only does use cause normal wear on the paint, but the summer heat and UV index can speed up paint degradation. Over the course of their lifetime, some of your rides will need a fresh coat of paint during the off-season to ensure they look brand new the next summer!

3. Fix Any Cosmetic Damage in the Park

Cosmetic damage isn’t just reserved for a waterslide. After a busy summer, you’re likely to have cosmetic damage across the park in the form of:

●  Chipped paint                                
●  Broken bathroom stall locks                                              
●  Stained concrete                           
●  Broken steps                                 
●  Damaged fence                             
●  Faded parking spot lines               

Take the time to clean and repair all cosmetic damage to keep your park looking fresh for guests.

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4. Test Your Filtration Systems & Water Pumps

Prior to opening day, you must test your filtration systems, water pumps, water lines, and other pool equipment to ensure everything is in working order. Failing to do so could lead to down time for an attraction and create unsafe conditions for your guests!

5. Take Inventory and Replenish

Things in waterparks tend to go missing during the busy season. A life jacket here, an inner tube there, and by the end of the season you can definitely expect to be short a few from where you started. Take the time to inventory what went missing and also what might just be in bad shape and replace them before the new season.

Bonus Tip! Be sure to take some time for yourself in the off-season. The team at Splashtacular knows how exhausting the job of a waterpark owner or manager can be and it is so important that you reset and recharge for a successful year ahead.

If you need the Splashtacular team to help with waterslide maintenance so you can take that well deserved R&R, our team is here for you. Give our team a call today to learn about how we assist our clients with waterslide and aquatic play unit maintenance! Contact us now!