Why You Should Update Your Waterpark in 2022

Posted: Jul 29, 2021
Why You Should Update Your Waterpark in 2022

If you’ve been debating giving your waterpark a refresh, this is your sign, straight from a waterpark manufacturer, that the 2021 – 2022 off-season is the perfect time to do so! Below, the Splashtacular team is sharing the five reasons that it is time, plus the areas you should focus on during your refresh.

Five Reasons Now is the Time to Update Your Park


1.      Aging Waterparks Receive High Complaints

If you can’t remember the last time you renovated your park, you’re putting yourself at risk for negative online reviews. According to a study by GateMaster, one of the biggest reasons people leave bad online reviews after attending a waterpark is because the park is visibly outdated and aging. An aging, outdated park leaves visitors with an unsanitary and unsafe impression, even if that is not a fair assumption.

2.      A Slide and a Pool Isn’t Enough

As water slide manufacturers, the Splashtacular team has helped lead recent  innovations at waterparks across the US. A slide and a pool used to be a great attraction for visitors of all ages, but today it is simply not enough. With over 1,300 waterparks nationwide, your park needs to be competitive. Adding rides with lights, music, and adrenaline boosting thrills is the only way to maintain an edge over your competitors in 2021.

3.      Attractions for All Ages

We’ve spoken about this at length before, but if your park does not have attractions for all members of the family from babies to adults, you must change that now. As waterpark manufacturers, we firmly believe that waterparks should be fun for the entire family and that no one should have to stay home, bored and alone! Evaluate your current attractions to see if there is an age group you currently seem to have focused on and from there decide where and how you should expand.

4.      Your Park is Oversold or Overcrowded

Maybe you’ve become too popular for your own good and your park has become oversold and overcrowded, with long lines and uncomfortably full walkways. In this waterpark manufacturer's opinion, this is a good problem to have, it means you’re doing something right! To ensure your continued success, adding additional attractions, amenities, and even expanding your walkways and parking lots will ensure a more comfortable experience for your guests.

5.      You Didn’t Hit Your 2021 Sales Goals

If your 2021 sales figures were down, it might be because your park just isn’t the first choice for locals anymore. Think about the above reasons we mentioned and consider whether any of the above problems might be causing previous visitors to seek fun elsewhere. If so, focus on that piece of the renovation process first.




Where to Focus Your Renovation Efforts


The age and overall shape of your park will likely influence where you focus your renovation efforts. Below is a general list of where to focus, based on how likely they are to influence guests visiting or not.

1.      Start With Aesthetically Necessary Updates First

As we mentioned above, an aging or dirty park is the easiest way to discourage visitors from coming to your park. If your paint is peeling and your floors are covered in scuff marks, you need to start by fixing these things. You don’t need to completely redo the park from top to bottom, but investing money and time in the upkeep of your park will go a longer way than anything else on this list.

2.      Next Work On Appealing to a Wider Audience

If your park is clean and visually appealing, it is time to make sure you have a wide range of attractions for all ages. Start by evaluating the attractions you do have and determining what age riders typically enjoy them. From there, work with a water slide manufacturing like the Splashtacular team to determine what attractions and age groups you need to prioritize next.

3.      Add a Signature Ride

If your park is clean and has rides that appeal to the whole family, it is time to add a signature ride. A signature ride is a ride that is custom to your park, that will attract visitors and waterpark enthusiasts from all over the country! Work with your waterpark manufacturer to create a ride with the exact specifications you need to really put your waterpark on the global map!

4.      Add Creature Comforts

If your park equally appeals to the whole family, think about creature comforts! What can you do to make your guests' experience more pleasant? As a waterpark manufacturer, we love when our clients start to add in features like sundecks for sunbathers, nursing mother’s rooms, and additional dining options for patrons with food allergies.

5.      Consider Adding Event Space

If you’ve already checked the above boxes, but are really looking to step things up a notch, consider adding event space at your park. Kids and parents alike love attending birthday parties at waterparks. Consider adding private rooms for guests to host parties in the AC before or after enjoying all of the rides your park has to offer.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and update your park this offseason, the Splashtacular team is here to help. Contact our waterpark manufacturers today to get started on a renovation plan that is as unique as your park!