Why Every Park Needs An Attraction for Thrill Seekers

Posted: Jul 23, 2021
Why Every Park Needs An Attraction for Thrill Seekers

When designing your waterpark, there are so many details that you need to think about! From the waterslides to the safety features to the snacks to the restrooms – every detail matters and no detail is less important than the rest.

One feature our clients don’t necessarily think about until they start designing their park is the need for a slide truly built for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Having a rip-roaring speed slide or crazy drop is a great way to solidify your park as parents and teenagers favorite option. You have something for not just the little ones, but the big kids (and grown-ups) too!

Today, we’re sharing the five reasons your park needs an attraction for thrill-seekers and three waterslides to consider. Learn more below!




Why Your Park Needs an Attraction for Thrill Seekers


1.      Thrilling Attractions Earn Your Park National Rankings

We believe that every park needs a ride for every member of the family, but unfortunately a baby pool isn’t going to land your park on any “Coolest Theme Parks in America” lists! Having a unique ride that gives guests an adrenaline rush at the end is a great way to get your park recognized by theme park associations and when that happens, it comes with free advertising on lists, articles, and more!

2.      It Helps Your Park Appeal to a Wider Audience

Having rides that appeal to thrill seekers are a surefire way to attract a wider crowd to your park, therefore increasing ticket sales! Not only does it make parents and older kids excited to accompany the younger ones, it also encourages teenagers and adults without children to come alone for their own entertainment.

3.      Your Park Becomes a Destination

Having a unique, fast, and scary slide is a great way to take your park from a local waterpark to a vacation destination! People don’t want to travel to something they could find in their hometown, but a real waterpark enthusiast will absolutely travel to a unique ride that they can’t find near them.

4.      It Helps You Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

For local visitors, the park with the fastest or tallest waterslides in town is certainly going to attract more visitors than other area parks. Drive attendance and sales, by installing an attraction that beats out what your competitors have available.

5.      Go big or go home!

At Splashtacular, we believe in doing things all the way when it comes to park design and tall, fast, specialty waterslides are certainly going all the way! They show your guests that you’ve thought about their enjoyment and given greater attention to detail and inclusivity than your competitors have.


Splashtacular Slides to Consider


Drenaline Drop

The DrenalineDrop are high-thrill capsule drop waterslides that allow for a thrilling experience that is not only fun for the rider, but for the waiting crowd as they watch the riders plummet from the capsule into the wateslides below!

360Rush XT

The 360Rush XT water slide uses tandem DrenalineDrop launch capsules to accelerate riders down five stories at a speed of nearly 40 miles per hour before hurling them into the world’s largest body bowl. It allows 2 riders to go at once, creating a race of sorts between friends or a parent and child! Again, it’s just as enjoyable for spectators as it is for riders themselves.


FlyTyme water slide is an innovative ride that sends riders down the waterslides, propelling them into the air at the end, before finally they fall to the pool below. As the rider is launched into the air, their heart is sure to be pounding – as is Mom’s as she watches from below!

Customize Your Own Ride

If none of the waterslides above seem like the unique adventure you’re looking to give guests, the Splashtacular team is here to help build a custom solution that is unique and exact for your park’s specifications! Contact our team today to learn more about the thrilling waterslides we offer and how we can customize one for your dream park. We look forward to hearing from you soon!