55’x55’ [16.8 m x 16.8 m]

Looking for an aquatic play unit that's both fun and safe? Look no further than our 300st play unit! Designed with both kids and parents in mind, this play unit features full-sized waterslides that parents can ride alongside their children. And with full ADA compliance, everyone can join in on the fun.


But that's not all. Our 300st play unit is also made entirely from stainless steel, ensuring that it's built to last and can withstand even the most enthusiastic of waterpark-goers. So whether you're looking for a fun-filled day out with the family or a unique addition to your waterpark, our midsized aquatic play unit is the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more!



Our play units are made entirely from stainless steel parts. In contrast, competitors' stainless is limited only to the first foot of the chassis. Meaning most of their unit is submerged in the water. Our products are built with corrosion resistance in mind, are easier to maintain, and have reduced maintenance costs.

Play Units needed a new, clean, and elegant look, so those unsightly, industrial-like flange connections had to go. We replaced them with smooth lines and flangeless pipe connections for far fewer catch points and way more appeal.

ADA standards compliance is critical. Our play units are accessible to virtually everyone. We’ve eliminated the unsightly tarps and nets at ADA access points and include ADA handrails and grab bars, rarely found on other play units.

Notice the scarcity of play features on other play units? Sure, the structure may have a large impact presence, but there aren’t enough features to go around. Our play units have double the amount of spray features per rail for more fun and longer play time.

One of our play units best benefits is the individually plumbed spray features. Water lines individually feed each feature, so you can tune each one to its intended water flow. These are easier to winterize and provides a better guest experience.

With 188 different colors, you’re sure to find a scheme that fits with your current theme and stands out from other parks. Mix and match the inside, outside and alternate sections on waterslides with translucent bands and sections.

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