Keep It! Smart

A Smart Alternative

In 1979, an FRP Platform was erected off the coast of California, instead of traditional steel. After over 40 years of daily exposure to tumults of the Pacific Ocean and worker’s foot traffic, the platform retained 82% of its flexural modulus and 80% of its maximum load. Report #CHA0160, Strongwell, February 2020.

Keep It! Smart

Using the same molecular components, our FRP towers are the perfect alternative to steel.

  • In Hard-To-Access Areas
    • Lightweight FRP weighs ~25% less than steel, making it easier to install and hoist without a crane in new construction or retrofitting
  • Where Elements Are Concerned
    • Non-metallic material with low thermal and electrical conductivity takes rust and rot out of the equation
    • Resistant to a broad range of the effects of chemicals including swimming pool chlorine (pH 7 to <8)
  • When Budget Is Tight:
    • Low maintenance
    • ~40% less expensive than using cast-inplace concrete
  • Quality Without Compromise:
    • Paintable with UV inhibitors included
    • High strength-toweight ratio
    • Impact-resistant
    • Dimensionally stable


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