Keep It! Crafty

Crafted with Care

KEEP IT CRAFTY™ is the guiding principle behind our hands-on process. From the application of the first layer of gel coat to removing the mold and applying the finishing touches – our experts are hands-on at every step along the way.

Keep It! Crafty

The Keep It Crafty™ Process

  • Molds are meticulously cleaned, waxed and taped to eliminate any imperfections from previous projects.
  • The first layer of gel coat is hand sprayed into the mold.
  • Fiberglass is roped onto the mold by experts.
  • KEEP IT COZY™ is an optional layer of insulation added to provide temperature regulation and utility-cost savings to park owners.
  • Additional fiberglass layers are applied to achieve the perfect thickness.
  • Our experts use hand rollers to remove air bubbles and push the fiberglass into all the tight corners.
  • After an overnight curing process, our flume pieces are sanded, fastening holes are created and a final application of gel coat is applied.
  • Finally, our KEEP IT SHINY™ protective, high-gloss coating is applied to keep waterslides looking new for years to come


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