Lakeside Ground Features

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our Lakeside Ground Features! Inspired by the serene ambiance of lakeside settings, these ground features offer a captivating and stylized water play experience.

Lakeside Ground Features

Watch as the Cattail Spray gently mists and sways in the breeze, creating a calming oasis. Feel the refreshing droplets of the Leaf Spray as it showers you with nature's touch. Encounter the whimsical Mushroom Spray, adding a touch of magic to your water adventure. And don't miss the playful Snail Jet, spraying bursts of water for endless fun. Let our Lakeside Ground Features transport you to a world of natural wonder and water enjoyment.


One of our play units' best benefits is the individually plumbed spray features. Water lines individually feed each feature, so you can tune each one to its intended water flow. These are easier to winterize and provides a better guest experience.

Our products are made exclusively in the U.S. and meet or exceed industry standards. No need to worry about quality control or the materials shipping from outside the country. Our products will deliver on time as promised.

With 188 different colors, you’re sure to find a scheme that fits with your current theme and stands out from other parks. Mix and match the inside, outside and alternate sections on waterslides with translucent bands and sections. Click on our color chart to view all the options!

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