Streamlined Ground Features

Experience the whimsical yet stylish design of our Streamlined Ground Features!

Streamlined Ground Features

These modern and dynamic water play elements bring a touch of contemporary flair to any aquatic environment. Glide your hand over the smooth surface of the water dome, creating mesmerizing ripples and waves. Engage in interactive fun with the split spray hoop, where water cascades from its curved elements. And don't miss the excitement of the water wedge, where rushing streams of water create a thrilling splash zone. With their curved and streamlined aesthetics, our Streamlined Ground Features offer a visually stunning and engaging water play experience for all. Dive into the future of water play with our incredible Streamlined Ground Features!


One of our play units' best benefits is the individually plumbed spray features. Water lines individually feed each feature, so you can tune each one to its intended water flow. These are easier to winterize and provides a better guest experience.

Our products are made exclusively in the U.S. and meet or exceed industry standards. No need to worry about quality control or the materials shipping from outside the country. Our products will deliver on time as promised.

With 188 different colors, you’re sure to find a scheme that fits with your current theme and stands out from other parks. Mix and match the inside, outside and alternate sections on waterslides with translucent bands and sections. Click on our color chart to view all the options!

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