Enclosed Body Slide

Discover the thrill of enclosed body slides - an adventure of twists, turns, and surprises that will leave you breathless

Enclosed Body Slide

Prepare to be captivated as you journey through twisting tunnels and pitch-dark twists, with every turn building anticipation for the exhilarating splashdown at the end. Our enclosed body-slides provide a unique and immersive experience, creating an element of surprise and mystery as you glide through the enclosed flumes. Feel the rush of excitement as you zip through the twists and turns, surrounded by vibrant colors and thrilling sensations. Engineered with safety and excitement in mind, our enclosed body-slides guarantee an unforgettable ride for all thrill-seekers. Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime with our incredible enclosed body-slides!


Typical  Lengths    30’ - 300’ [9 m x 91 m]

Average Slopes    9° -12°

Water Requirements    300-500 GPM [1135-1892 LPM]

Our protective coating, KEEP IT SHINY, dramatically extends our products’ original color and gloss by years so they will look just as glossy and colorful as they did when they were installed.

Proprietary tread keeps stair surfaces dry via T-grating style step with sealed lower cavity. Risers have 1” relief and each tread riser nests into the adjoining one for perfect alignment. A non-skid tread surface grips wet feet. IBC compliant with sloped and closed risers.

Nothing on the market met our picky demands, so we developed our own proprietary design software, Splashworx. Design tweaks and changes take seconds, not hours. That’s more time for amazing designs, versatility and collaboration.

Finite ride path analysis predicts what was once unpredictable by examining riders’ weights and eliminating guesswork for the smoothest, fastest ride possible.

Wow guests with a multi-sensory experience of sight, touch and sound. Custom light and sound packages can be added to any new or existing waterslide design. Or bring on the light show with translucent bands.

With 188 different colors, you’re sure to find a scheme that fits with your current theme and stands out from other parks. Mix and match the inside, outside and alternate sections on waterslides with translucent bands and sections.

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